It’s hurricane season–prepare for the worst

Tampa has officially entered the hurricane season. Experts are forecasting a below average season for 2012.  (See chart). So how do you make sure you protect your employees and your business?  Prepare for the worst case scenario!

Here are some hurricane preparedness tips.

  1. Monitor the storm's progression (hurricane watch or hurricane warning).
  2. Address the following facility maintenance items:
    • Patch roofing
    • Repair all windows
    • Secure HVAC equipment
  3. Set up a contingency plan for power. Determine the power load needed to run your critical systems. Work with vendors to insure generator availability. If your facility already has a generator, make sure to test it and make necessary repairs.

Tudi Mechanical systems can help you with your contingency plan by evaluating the conditions of your HAVC equipment. We’ll ensure that your equipment meets the Florida building code’s hurricane tie-down standards. We can also assist you with securing spot cooling equipment if a storm leaves your facility or data centers without cooling.

Please contact our office so we can help you secure your HVAC equipment and assist you in developing a contingency plan for power.