Is your facility wasting energy during off hours?

If your facilities’ HVAC equipment is running at full capacity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you may be wasting valuable energy dollars, especially if the building is not fully occupied.

If the HVAC equipment can be shut-off or zoned for appropriate use during off-hours, the potential for savings is significant.  Here’s an example of how the right controls could reduce heating and cooling costs:

A 5-hp fan motor that runs 8,760 hours per year at 8 ¢ kWh costs approximately $3,000 annually. However, running this same fan to match the typical 3,120 business hours would cost about $1,100—a savings of $1,900 in fan power alone. Additional savings for cooling and heating costs could also be achieved.

When you consider the potential savings—plus the reduced cost offered by incentives—cutting off-hour energy use is an idea whose time has certainly come.

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